Very light and easy to useArtifacts found during testing
Excellent brightness and contrastLimited Sound from 1 speaker
1.2x zoom

Finding the right projector for a golf simulator has its challenges. You want a very fast, responsive unit that also has stellar color reproduction. The BenQ MW632ST WXGA DLP promises to deliver all of these and so much more. What makes it stand out however is the fact that it’s a very light unit, and it does have a great short throw lens and it even delivers optical zoom.

BenQ MW632ST Features

The addition of a short throw feature makes it idea for a golf simulation experience, since you can show the big images up close. With 3200 lumens, this projector is extremely bright and it conveys a very good experience and an extremely high quality too. This works very well with the 16:10 aspect ratio provided by the projector. They also added a 1.0 gain screen, which helps you bring in plenty of brightness to deliver an image around 160 inches in total if needed. In case you want a smaller screen size, you can rely on the Economic mode included with the projector.

Setting up the BenQ MW632ST WXGA DLP might take a bit of getting used to, you can keep it at around 80 inches for the large resolutions. The native resolution for the unit is 1280×800, so it’s not full HD, but it still delivers a very good image quality regardless. The integrated 10W speaker helps bring in a sense of immersion, which is good for a golf simulator.

You’ll appreciate the very long lamp life that can go upwards of 10000 hours. For a lot of people, the thing that stands out is the 13000:1 contrast ratio which is very powerful. This allows the unit to bring in an extraordinary visual experience.

Connectivity and performance

You have lots of connectivity options like a VGA port, 2 HDMI ports and S video ports. Since you get HDMI 1.4a support, this allows 3D signal reception and it’s also with full MHL support. They also have an USB type A, in case you want to use the unit for more than a golf simulation experience for example.

BenQ MW632ST inputs

The color balance is amazing, everything is properly saturated and the unit itself holds detail. Even if you use the VGA connection, there’s no jittering, which is always a plus. Some artifacts can pop up at times, but it’s still a very powerful unit to consider using today.


The BenQ MW632ST WXGA DLP is a great short throw projector for golf simulation. The 3D functionality really pushes the experience to new heights, and the product also has a great optical zoom solution. The data image quality is amazing, and the product itself is very light, which a lot of people are looking for in this product category. You will also be impressed with the crisp visuals and quick display.

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