When designing your DIY golf simulator one of the first items that is sure to come up is your impact screen. Today I am going to take a closer look at the 4 major types of golf impact screens that currently exist on the market today. And while all of these options will display an image from a projector, they all do it in slightly different way with different end results.

The DIY Golf Impact Screen

We will be creating a completely separate write-up for the DIY options. But below are a couple of options for DIY golf impact screens, that will get you through in a pinch and with minimal cost.

Both of these options can be had for about $30 at your local big box hardware store. Beyond that, if you spend a couple of extra dollars on white bed sheet to put directly in front you can still create an acceptable image quality.

+ Cheap– Picture Quality
+ Readily Available– Not aesthetically pleasing

Cheap Golf Impact Screens

Next up, we have the cheap golf impact screens. If you have spent anytime at all online you have come across some of these. With a listed price anywhere from $90-$200, many of these products promise the results of a premium screen at a fraction of the price.

I will be reviewing a few of the these options more in-depth in the future. However, there are literally thousands of listing littered online. If you do decide to go this route, I recommend doing some research. As many of these options will not compare to their more expensive counterparts.

+ Still Relatively Inexpensive– Inconsistent Quality
+ Picture quality improved over DIY– Lacking Customer Support
+ Appearance similar premium screens-Limited Reviews
+ Many options available

Archery Baffle?

Continuing on, we have the archery baffle style golf impact screens. These super shock absorbent screens offer a highly durable option for those seeking a lasting screen.

I personally backed my high-grade impact screen with an archery baffle from West Coast Netting. Overtime this will help lessen the abuse the high-quality screen takes. In addition, these style screens are noticeably more quiet than your traditionally tight woven impact screens.

Wes Coast Netting Golf Impact Screen
West Coast Netting PR20 Golf Impact Screen

With that being said, using an archery baffle isn’t without its drawbacks. If you are looking for the best picture quality than using an archery baffle as your primary screen will not be the right option. These baffles use thicker loser weave. This makes for a soft impact, low bounce back, BUT the picture quality will suffer some.

+ Extremely Durable– Picture Quality
+ Can be used as a backing to premium screen
+ Quiet

Premium Golf Impact Screens

These are the cream of the crop. Offering best in class image quality, with a durability that greatly surpasses those cheaper options mentioned above. With their tightly woven fabric, premium impact screens offer the most immersive picture quality of anything on the list. Allowing you to feel closer to the game.

As with any option though, even the premium impact screens have their downsides. The biggest of which is durability. As mentioned above, these screen are more durable than their cheaper counterparts. However, they are no where near the same durability as an archery baffle. They will wear overtime and will need to be replaced. The choice on whether or not to use a premium golf impact screen really comes down to how important picture quality and price is to you.

Examples of Premium Golf Impact Screen

Carl’s golf impact screens


+ Best in picture quality– Expensive
+ Polished look and feel– Not as durable as archery baffles

What you decide to go with will ultimately be dependent on what you are wanting from your screen. If you need it to be durable you may choose a archery baffle. On the other hand if you want to view HD movies on the screen when it is not being used as a golf simulator you may want to upgrade to premium impact screen.

Check out our build section to see some of the options available at different price ranges to find out what may be best for you.

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