3000 LumenIt lacks a zoom feature
MHL connectivitySometimes it has trouble fitting the screen
Very low latency and fast response times

The Optoma EH200ST HD Short Throw Projector is one of the latest short throw projectors that you can find on the market and it’s a very comprehensive solution for newcomers and experts alike. This projector has a very bright image of up to 3000 lumens, and it’s ideal for interior use. Thanks to the dedicated 20000:1 contrast, everything looks amazing and it manages to bring in front a stellar color reproduction. It’s particularly designed to improve detail and sharpness, while also maintaining a great color reproduction

Optoma EH200ST Features

The integrated speakers are making this unit stand out because it does help set up a stellar indoor golfing experience. Those speakers are of an extremely high quality, and you don’t have to rely on external sound anymore. On top of that. you also have a very long lamp life. It gives you a lamp life of around 6500 hours of use, which is great for a product in this category.

It’s also important to note that the Optoma EH200ST comes with an automatic “Power Off” feature. In order to save energy, the unit can be set up to just close at a certain amount of time when it’s not used. It’s a system that works flawlessly, and you will find it very reliable and a pleasure to use every time.

The full HD resolution is great, because you get a very good image quality for the golf simulation experience as a whole. The added HDMI connectivity does help with that too, since HDMI is the perfect connection for high speed, really high quality video. Since Optoma uses their own BrilliantColor tech, everything looks extraordinary and the multi color processing technology pushes visuals to the next level. You will surely improve your game since everything looks and feels very real.

Connectivity and performance

You will also notice that the Optoma EH200ST comes with MHL connectivity, which means you can turn the projector into a smart display via your tablet or phone. It can be used for presentations and other tasks too. In addition, thanks to the 0.49:1 throw ration, this means the unit is in the short throw category, and this is ideal for golf simulation setups. That’s why you will need to use it from a short distance to achieve the best results.


The Optoma EH200ST is a very powerful, dependable HD short throw projector. It’s extremely easy to adapt to your needs, and you will be amazed with its value and efficiency. The product quality is impressive, and the attention to detail is unlike anything on the market. It does take a bit of adjustment and customization at first, but it’s helps lower the eyestrain, while also delivering state of the art accuracy for your golf game. It’s the best option on the market for a good short throw projector.

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