3800 lumensBlack levels are not the best, could be improved
HDR support and 4K input
Accurate color with the REC.709 and sRGB profiles
Up to 15000 hours lamp life

Finding the right short throw projector is very important if you want to up the ante in regards to your golf simulation experience. The Optoma GT1080HDR offers a promising feature set for your DIY golf simulator experience. While you don’t get the fancy 8K visuals very expensive projectors can provide, here you do receive an impressive set of features at a great price. The thing that stands out here is the 120Hz refresh rate, as well as an advertised 3800 lumens.

Optoma GT1080HDR Features

Thanks to the high refresh rate, everything looks crisp and the visuals are always to the point, extremely accurate. On top of that, you are also getting 3800 lumens, which for a golfing simulator projector is more than ok. They also added some amazing features for this price point, like 4K input support which is scaled down to 1080p, as well as HDR10 support. On top of that, they have a 245W lamp which can go up to 4000 hours of functioning without a problem. It doesn’t have the longevity of other lamps, but it’s still a pretty good pick regardless of that.

Optoma GT1080HDR has a 3D mode and 8 SDR picture modes. We also noticed that it comes with ISF modes, but these can only be unlocked if you have a calibrator. In case you want to use the HDR10 signal, you do have 4 HDR modes to work with, which is great.

Connectivity and performance

The product has 2 HDMI HDCP 2.2 ports on the back, one of them is 1.4 and the other 2.0, but they are very reliable and work flawlessly. You are also getting MHL support, as well as a VGA in/out, USB port and audio in/out. Its menu is very easy to access, and there are plenty of customization features for you to go through and adapt based on your own requirements.
Based on our experience, the Optoma GT1080HDR runs flawlessly and it has a stellar image quality. They did include a lot of calibration options like RGB gain and bias, saturation, gain for color points, hue as well as 7 gamma options.

The most accurate modes were User and Cinema. The high brightness made it easy to combat the ambient light. HDR colors look really well, the only challenge is that black levels could be a lot better. Black is mostly showcased as a dark gray instead of full black, which can affect the experience a bit.


If you want a good short throw projector with plenty of customization capabilities and unique features, the Optoma GT1080HDR definitely stands out of the crowd. It’s a really interesting, dependable product with innovative features like 120Hz refresh rate, HDR support and which is also pretty light. If you want a powerful, dependable golf simulation setup, this unit can be great for you

For more information on projectors for golf simulators check out our Complete guide to DIY Golf Simulators.

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