If practice makes perfect, then the logic goes that the more you practice, the more you can improve the results. This is especially true for golfers who want to get in more practice time on their swing but cannot go to the driving range when they want. This is where the Skytrak Golf Simulator comes into play.

What is the Skytrak Golf Simulator?

This is a device that tracks the flight of your golf ball from the tee to its final flight It also provides some measurements to the angle you strike the ball, the path your club takes, the angle of the lie, and other information that helps you correct issues that you are facing when driving the ball. The simulator is designed to provide help and guidance for amateur golfers who do not have access to professional help.

The device itself is about 7” tall, 4” wide, and about an inch thick. You can set it up anywhere including at the driving range or on the course itself. You connect the Skytrak Golf Simulator to your PC or iPad through a wireless system that does not require a standard Wi-Fi network to operate. The device even comes with a protective case, in case your ball flight breaks the laws of physics and smashes into it.

How does the Skytrak Golf Simulator Work?

The device uses a built-in photometric system to track most aspects of your swing along with the golf ball itself. It takes these data points and relates them to you. The result is that you can see the strengths and weaknesses when driving the ball off the tee or on the fairway. With the data broken down, you can see what aspects you must change in order to get better results.

Inside the device is a high-speed camera that captures images of the golf ball from impact and over the next few feet. This provides enough information for the device to extrapolate the speed, distance, and rotation of the ball as if you were driving it from off the tee. The information also includes ball spin, angle of launch, side spin and angle, along with other data points.

You can also use the data from the device to create a 3D ball track to help you visualize the results of your golf swing. Because you can take the device onto the golf course itself, you can see the results of what you did on the course compared to what the Skytrak Golf Simulator reports. In most cases, it comes quite close to the results that happened on the golf course itself.
You can also perform challenges on the Skytrak, which include getting the closest to the pin, hitting a target, and assessing your current skillset.


The first advantage that the device offers is that it is simple and intuitive to use. You just set it up, turn it on, and check your smartphone.

Portability: You can take the Skytrak anywhere which makes it quite handy when on the golf course, in your home, or when you find an area to hit a few balls. Just turn it on, set it up, and start swinging.

Price: At less than $2,000, this is comparable to other, similar devices made for amateur golfers on the market today. While it does have its limitations, the features are mostly similar and the overall design just as good as most devices of this type.

Space: Because this is a photo-based and not radar-based system, the Skytrak needs less space to operate properly. This can be a real advantage to those who only have enough room to swing the club and let the ball go a few feet.


The only downsides start with the Skytrak Golf Simulator is not set up for use with Android smartphones, although the company is working on that.
But the main downside so far is that the device on tracks your ball flight and not the path that your club takes. While a considerable amount of information may be gleaned from the flight of the ball, by not tracking your club swing, it may take more time to narrow down what is causing the issues that you need to improve.


For amateur golfers who need assistance with their driving results, the Skytrak Golf Simulator provides all the basic functions needed in a reasonably priced package. While not nearly as comprehensive as a professional device, such as the Trackman for example, the simulator does offer a considerable number of features that should be more than enough for most golfers looking to improve their swing.

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